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Sunday, August 5, 2012

dusky conure for sale

 i have a dusky conure available for sale. Will let go for $450 and if anyone interested leave me  a message.

Hanging parrot for sale

                                       Mix colour hanging parrot for sale. Asking for $40 net. Interested in it kindly leave me a message. Only one bird available and its a female.

2 mature male teils

Anyone interested in swapping one of these male? i need a female. Those interested let me know of if you are interested in purchasing. i will let it go for $250 nett.

Friday, November 4, 2011

More updates on luvbird 5thnov 2011

One of the green luvbird weaned on the 25th October 2011. 1 more addition to my collection. Quite rewarding as its from one of the young new pair luvbird keep from young.

A new baby from the yellow pair luvbird as on 5th November 2011.

2 babies from the green pair  Peachface lovebird as on 5th November 2011. Hope it will grow to weaned.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

1 Cockatiel and 1 IRN successfully weaned.

The cockatiels chicks weaned which is a follow up of what i have posted on 26th july 2011. Glad that he made it this far.Happy to see an addition of 1 bird to my teils collection.
The IRN chick weaned which is a follow up of what i have posted on 26th july 2011.The same bird but glad it survived by 3 of the sibling did not. So i suppose its time to give the parents a break and nurse them back to health before the next breeding.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

IRN baby and Cockateil Baby

Haven't been updating the blog lately due to trying another source of communication i.e. with the use of facebook. Seems that many are active with facebook compare to that of a blog. This is the one cockateil baby that i mange to take picture on the 21/7/2011. Seems like it will turn out to be the albino. But still not sure if it will make it to weaned.
Disappointing from the clutch of 4 ringneck babies. Many did not make it and only one manage to made it this far on the 21/7/2011.
The third pair of the luvbirds have lay quite a few eggs and hope they will manage to hatch coz i haven't got any successful hatch from this pair so far.

Monday, June 27, 2011

More hatch from the IRN

Finally manage to check the eggs again and today i realize that there is 3 more babies. Making a total of 4 babies in this clutch of eggs. But i had a hard time to get all the 4 in the pictures and can only capture 3 babies in the pics.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

First hatch from the eggs of the IRN dated 18/6/2011

Due to much disturbance during the festive season and constant relocation of the birds, the previous clutch of IRN eggs did not hatch. But now when they had settle down i have one of the IRN egg hatching today. Hope there will be more to come. Really looking forward to it.

One of the 4 babies from the green luvbird parent that had been mistaken dead was alive.

Initially i thought that only 3 out of the lovebird babies from the 4 babies of the green parent pair luvbird have made it till this far and has always assumed one of it is dead.But to my surprise today i saw one more chick coming out from the nest and has weaned and flew out from the nest. That's the chick that weaned today as shown in the picture. Glad to find that all has survived.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Follow up on the luvbird babies posted on 16/5/2011

Out of the 4 babies that i had posted on the 16/5/2011. Only 3 of the babies managed to made it this far. 2 have actually weaned and flying happily with the parent. But 1 of the unfortunate chick has fall out from the nest and being attack by other lovebirds so i have removed it from the parents and hand fed it. It doesn't look as clean as the other siblings but i did try to make an effort to keep it at its best possible shape already. 1 of it had not made it.

Out of the 2 lovebird babies that i have posted it on 16/5/2011 only one of them managed to survived till almost weaned. The 1 lovebird baby will weaned very soon in a few days time.Glad to see that as this pair of parents are still quite new in rearing the babies. Glad to see that at least they managed to nurse one of the babies till almost weaned.

Monday, May 16, 2011

More lovebird babies.....Hope they will grow till weaned (Not For Sale)

Very lucky to have the another clutch of eggs hatching with only 2 babies.
Another clutch have 4 babies and i'm not sure how far can the parent look after the chicks. Hope they will grow up well till weaned. Not intending on selling any of the babies so kindly not make any query on it. Thanks

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Budgies cage(1 1/2ft x 2ft x 2 1/2ft)

In response to wong request. This is the cage i use for the budgies(1 1/2ft x 2ft x 2 1/2ft). Sorry for the late reply. Busy lately.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Updates on some of my budgies collection.

\ Some of my budgies. Very entertaining and busy birds to have. Love the budgies and are also looking for English budgies. If anyone happen to have English budgies and are willing to let it go...Kindly let me know..Will be interested to add to collections.